The intervention is considered effective only in the event that, the employer, comply with and apply the directives contained within the shared protocol D.P.C.M. of the 26/04/2020 and later


Top Hygenic offers its customers a complete sanitization of environments both for business use and for domestic use. The ozone treatment allows for complete disinfection in accordance with the Law Decree 18/2020 (Care Italian).

Technology and innovation

Technology is essential for us to be able to guarantee a complete and comprehensive service. The tools we use are at the forefront and let in the sun 2 hours to ensure maximum sanitation.

Viruses and Bacteria

TOP HYGENIC is a service that complies with the provisions of the Decree Law 18/2020, better known as Cura Italy. In fact, there is a tax credit for sanitation costs.


TOP HYGENIC sanitation is BSCIC ISO certified 13485:2016. The companies that use the service will then be issued with a certificate that will guarantee complete sanitation against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and pests.

Want to work with us? Find how!

If you are a company and want to offer your customers the hygiene service through TOP HYGENIC, follow the link below and find out how to become an authorized center and get started immediately.

Why use ozone

Ozone is a highly unstable natural gas, It composed of trivalent oxygen (O3) with great power oxidant. And 'in fact able to degrade and eliminate any pollutant or harmful as viruses, acari, insects, spore, mold, harmful chemicals and even smoke and odors, all in a totally natural.

Neutralizes bacteria and viruses

ozone, due to its, sanitizes, oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe. Eliminates over 99,00% of bacteria, mold, mushrooms, yeast, pollen and mites and inactivates viruses.

Eliminates odors

It purifies the air by eliminating unpleasant odors from smoke, food, transpiration, decomposition, mold and paint. The ozone molecules attack and neutralize the particles because of bad smells, leaving in their place a pleasant feeling of clean air regenerated and deodorized.


And 'an excellent natural repellent against flies, mosquitoes, fleas, Beatles, ants, bugs, moths and small rodents. It prevents the proliferation, because it eliminates the bacteria Because of their multiplication.


Disinfect perfectly well without chemical additives and detergents, exploiting his natural strength oxidant. Once treatment, ozone is reconverts into oxygen, leaving no toxic residue or chemical.


It is known to be the most effective disinfectant agent against allergens and pathogens in air and water, most Also of cleaning chemicals. Being a gas heavier than air, spreads in the environment in a capillary,


In Italy, It has been recognized "natural coverage for sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, virus, spore, etc." by the Ministry of Health prot. n. 24482 of the 31 July 1996 and "Agent disinfectant and disinfectant in the treatment air and water "with the CNSA 27 October 2010.